Smart meter import procedure


Smartwatches are now becoming a popular piece of technology for everyone. So what will the smartwatch import procedure include? Let's find out with SIMBA GROUP through this article!

Product Information


Today's smart watches are manufactured from many different materials, but the aluminum alloy is widely used when making watch cases. Because this is a lightweight material, it feels comfortable to wear.

Besides, watch straps are also made from many different materials. Depending on the needs of the user. Usually, leather material will be used for users who like elegance and sophistication. Rubber and silicone materials are more popular with people who are active and love sports.

Parameters and principles of operation

Today's smartwatches, in addition to a variety of external designs, also have a lot to choose from. SIMBA would like to introduce you to the parameter configuration of a type of smartwatch for your reference:

  • Display Type: IPS
  • Display resolution:320x240
  • Screen:<2"
  • Display Color: Black/White, Color
  • Feature: Touch screen, APP control, IP67 waterproof
  • Operating system: ANDROID, IOS
  • Shell Material: ALLOY
  • Function: 24 Hour Guide, Alarm Clock, Altimeter, Stopwatch, Three Large Hands, Countdown, Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Interactive Music, MONTH, Message Reminder, Humidity Measurement, Passometer, Perspective Window, Push Message, Remote Control, Sleep Monitoring, WORLD TIME, COMPASS, Week, Blood Oxygen Monitor
  • Compatible System: IOS/Android
  • CPU: Hs6621
  • Screen size:1.28 inch, 240*240, TFT
  • Charger: Magnetic charging
  • Battery:200MA
  • Total single weight:0.260 kg

Main uses

Smartwatches bring you a lot of conveniences when using. In addition to basic functions such as telling the time, receive notifications from your phone. It also helps you monitor your own health, and give notifications about your health situation and from there you can improve your own health and exercise situation.

Import procedure

HS code

The HS code when importing smartwatches is 91021200, belonging to group 9102.

This is a group of wristwatches, pocket watches, and other personal watches, including chronographs, except those of heading 91.01, which are only available on the optoelectronic display

Legal bases

  • Circular No. 12/2018/TT-BCT dated 15/06/2018 of the Minister of Industry and Trade on guiding the Law on Foreign Trade Management and Decree 69/2018/ND-CP guiding the Law on Foreign Trade Management.
  • Decision No. 3950/QD-TCHQ dated 30/11/2015 of the General Director of the General Department of Vietnam Customs on the List of export goods with value risks, the List of imported goods with value risks, and the attached reference price.

Based on the above circular and decision, smart watches when imported to Vietnam need to check the quality and announce conformity with the regulations of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Import tariffs

The import tariff of specific smartwatches is as follows:

  • Preferential import duty: 20%
  • VAT (value added tax): 10%
  • Import tax from China with C/O form E: 0%

Import documents

When preparing import documents, you need to prepare documents including:

  • Import customs declaration
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading/Air waybill
  • C/O if applicable
  • Other documents (certificate of quality inspection and regulation conformity of the Ministry of Information and Communications)

Import Contact

Above is information about smartwatch import procedures that SIMBA GROUP wants to send to you. Hope this article will bring useful information to you.

If you are looking for a good source of business goods without much information about suppliers. Please contact SIMBA GROUP immediately via hotline: 037.931.1688 for a free consultation.


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