In addition to providing import and export entrustment services or transportation of Chinese - Vietnamese goods, SIMBA GROUP also provides you with warehousing and storage services to make it more convenient for you in the process of importing and exporting goods. So what is the warehousing and storage service of SIMBA GROUP? Let's find out together now!

What is storage?

Lưu kho là gì?

First, let's find out what is storage with SIMBA GROUP? Warehousing is a type of value-added service. This service will create conditions for sellers and business people to have a place to temporarily store goods when they cannot afford to deliver.

Warehousing can also be used in cases where the seller wants to consolidate multiple delivery orders for one delivery. Goods will now be stored in a warehouse and when delivered, the seller only needs to contact that warehouse. In case of using the storage service, the seller will not have to pay the costs of operating the warehouse separately.

What does storage cost include?

Surely many of you in the sales business have questions about the cost of storage as well as being curious about what the cost of storage includes?
Storage cost is the fee you need to spend when using the storage service. The specific cost will be provided by the storage service provider. Usually, these units have a free storage period and a storage fee period.
You can simply understand that the free storage period is only for a short time and after that period you will have to pay extra fees to keep the goods in stock. Warehousing and storage service providers will usually charge a storage fee per kilogram per day. The fee above will fluctuate depending on different units or different types of goods.
This storage cost will typically include small internal operating fees including:

  • Cost of goods storage
  • Management costs (personnel, storage, tracking of goods)
  • Cost of equipment and facilities

In addition, the costs such as loading and unloading goods, transporting goods, arranging goods according to customer's requirements ... will be calculated separately.

What does storage service give you? Should you rent a warehouse or operate it yourself?

The question of whether to rent a warehouse or operate a warehouse by yourself is often considered very carefully by sellers and people dealing in goods. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, if you operate the warehouse yourself, you will be very proactive in managing the goods in your warehouse as well as in the transportation of goods.

However, self-operating warehouses are only suitable for large business units that have the conditions to invest in building their own warehouses.
And if you use the service of renting a warehouse for goods, you will receive great benefits in return. Specifically as:

Safe cargo storage system

  • Goods storage service providers will give you a safe storage system. Goods in the warehouse will be carefully arranged and divided into areas for easy storage and circulation, avoiding unnecessary risks.
  • The information about the goods will be stored in detail so that it can be easily managed in the export and import of goods, simplifying all kinds of paperwork.

Increase storage capacity for businesses

  • Another huge benefit of using a goods storage service is that this service helps to expand the ability to store goods for businesses and business units. Save on construction and maintenance costs of self-propelled warehouses.
  • Currently, there are many shops and business units that do not have the cost or infrastructure to build their own warehouse, storage service is an extremely useful solution.

Some points you need to keep in mind when using warehousing and storage services

When using warehousing services, you will not only be interested in the storage of goods, but also have to pay attention to some basic points in warehousing operations to manage the goods in the warehouse and how the goods rotate. transfer. Some of the points you should definitely pay attention to include:

  • Stocked goods: are goods or products that are stored in a warehouse. Especially not applicable to goods, products that are returned or have other special requirements.
  • Time of warehousing: is the time when the goods are put into the warehouse. This time is counted from the time the goods are handed over and there is a clear receipt at the warehouse along with a confirmation notice from the storage service provider.
  • Storage period: is the period of time that goods are allowed to be stored for free. This period is calculated from the time the goods are in stock to the end of the free storage period. After the free storage period ends, the storage day fee will be calculated according to the price agreed between the two parties.

Warehousing and storage services of SIMBA GROUP

Warehousing and storage services of SIMBA GROUP


In addition to providing Chinese goods import and export services as well as import and export entrustment, SIMBA GROUP also provides you with warehousing services to make it more convenient to store and rotate goods.

Difficulties faced by customers

  • Import from many different suppliers, trouble shipping many times
  • Many discrete orders, high shipping costs
  • It is difficult to know the specific shipping situation

How does SIMBA solve it?

  • SIMBA owns a modern warehouse system in Guangzhou to receive and store goods
  • Helping customers to collect goods from many suppliers with different production times.
  • Shipping goods to Vietnam and tracking on a single order

Retail consolidation services - storage provided by SIMBA

  • Inventory management & control
  • Processing import and export orders (Order processing, inbound and outbound)
  • Reducing the risk of goods loss (Bar-coding, re-packaging, labeling and quality control

Benefits of SIMBA

  • Save costs and time: Minimize tax costs, ensure the most saving time in processing documents and procedures
  • Quality: We are committed to following customs procedures, ensuring the goods are smooth according to the requirements of customers.
  • Safety: SIMBA ensures the safety of customers' goods during transportation and storage.

If you are looking to use warehousing and storage services to support your business development. Contact SIMBA GROUP immediately for a free and direct consultation.

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