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General introduction
The increasingly strong trend of opening up to international economic integration has opened up many trade opportunities for Vietnamese businesses. This is an opportunity to promote import and export activities, making our country a bright spot in the international economy. However, with these opportunities comes many risks for import and export enterprises.

In order to make the international trade of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) more convenient and easier, SIMBA was born with the desire to bring the core values around people, business and technology to change a long-standing traditional trade. And create the new Silk Road, the international trade based on the traditional trade foundation of the young generation with the Heart-Mind-Trust-Speed-Spirit-Human.
Vision <br> Mission
SIMBA aim to become the No. 1 multi-industry e-commerce corporation in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Provide technology solutions, international trade transactions, cross-border logistics for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Simba helps remove geographical distances and barriers with people and technology to trade faster with lower cost and better quality.
People – Technology will be the future promoting the prosperity of the community. We always try to build that factor to develop further and further. Thereby, the transactions and flow of goods through us will be stronger and stronger, creating more values and opportunities for customers and the community.
Core values
People SIMBA: With distinct personality, high support ability, understanding and shouldering the work together. Constantly creative, always improving to increase work efficiency. SIMBA always respects employees as a valuable asset of the company.
Spirit of service: SIMBA’s people are always aiming for customer satisfaction and long-term cooperation through providing and sharing optimal and effective solutions for our customers. Building a solid reputation in the hearts of customers is the principle of SIMBA’s people in all actions.
Social Responsibility: More than just a business, SIMBA has always strives to be a company with community activities that are responsible to society, communities and countries in which SIMBA does business and operates.
Export Service
Export Service
Export promotion services and export entrustment packages at SIMBA are the bridge to bring Vietnamese brands to the world and expand the market
Import Service
Import Service
SIMBA is confident to be the leading prestigious unit in Vietnam in the field of China-Viet Nam shipping, helping traders remove worries about sourcing goods, negotiating prices with Chinese suppliers,...
Customs declaration
Customs declaration
SIMBA's experienced staff in handling customs procedures and documents will help traders handle all import and export procedures.
Export-import Entrustment
Export-import Entrustment
With many years of experience in the field of foreign trade, SIMBA is proud to provide customers with the fastest - safest - most effective package import and export solution.


We promise:

  • Provide the best services, optimize costs for businesses.
  • Find the right source of goods, product samples as required.
  • Competitive price for each contract.
  • Always put credibility first.
  • Working with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and accuracy.
  • Absolute privacy.

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