The Definition Of Customs Declaration

Customs declaration means doing the necessary customs procedures when exporting and importing goods. These are the steps that must be taken for cargo and means of transport to be imported/entered into a country or exported/exited from a country's border.

Customs declaration service is a service that acts on behalf of enterprises to carry out customs procedures. Instead of enterprises having to carry out the operations themselves according to the customs declaration process, enterprises can use a third party such as SIMBA to carry out and complete the procedures.

SIMBA provides customs declaration services, performing accurate paperwork on behalf of customers. From there, avoid risks when transporting goods and ensure the fastest shipping schedule.

Are these the goals of the company?

  • Does your company need to import or export products from China?
  • Does your firm have non-commercial commodities that need to be imported or exported?
  • Do you need to import or export processed commodities for your business?
  • Does your company need to import or export any production materials?
  • Is it necessary for your company to import and export products to the export processing zone?

Common challenges with customs declaration

  • Customs procedures involve a lot of intricate documentation that are simple to misunderstand.
  • Selecting the HS Code can be difficult and costly if done incorrectly in terms of planning and implementation.

Why use the customs declaration service from SIMBA?

  • The SIMBA personnel has experience dealing with customs procedures and documentation at ports and is aware about related processes and documents.
  • For the most precise imported items based on product data given by clients, consult HS Code.
  • Make contact with departments and organizations qualified to handle all types of paperwork, including those related to cosmetics, food safety and hygiene, and registration and license applications for inspection, quality control, and quarantine.

Categories of imported commodities for which SIMBA offers assistance to firms with customs declarations:

  • Standard imports and exports (not on the list of banned or controlled by the state).
  • Conditional import and export of products (must get permission from state agencies).
  • Items in transit, items temporarily imported for reexport, and items moving from border to port.
  • Imports with financial incentives.
  • Products imported on trust.

Customs declaration service process

In case you want to entrust SIMBA to stand on foreign trade contracts, including:

  • Detailed information about goods on goods name, price to be declared, goods code (HS code), weight, volume, catalog if any.
  • If the company needs to issue an invoice for input, SIMBA will issue a VAT invoice again after completing the customs clearance procedure..
  • Are import and export goods conditional or not?
  • After completing the goods information, SIMBA will make documents including sale contract, packing list, invoice, C/O Form E (if there is import tax incentive) and import license (if any). SIMBA will conduct electronic customs declaration, completing the electronic declaration will know the classification of the declaration, the amount of tax to be paid.

In case the company's name is on the customs declaration

  • Apply commodity code (HS code for classification of goods) to calculate import tax rate, foreign trade contract (Contract), packing slip (P/L), invoice, import license if any, Payment receipt (transfer paper) money), catalog… not to be submitted to customs.
  • Electronic customs declaration, if you have declared in advance, you can send it to SIMBA via email, if you declare electronic customs, it can be digital, or SIMBA will make online declaration or sign for you.
  • In the final step, we will proceed on behalf of the customer to carry out customs clearance procedures.

What documents need to be prepared?

In case of import entrustment

  • Tax payment and catalog if it is machinery and equipment.

In case of hiring people to do customs clearance procedures

  • Invoice a copy of the Chinese black mark, the Vietnamese copy of the mark: 01 copy.
  • Introduction paper: 01 copy.
  • Fake paper: 03 copies.
  • Catalog if it is machinery and equipment.
  • Paper for payment of customs fees according to the form: 01 original.
  • Receipt and handover of customs dossiers, made according to the form: 01 original.
  • State budget payment slip according to the form: 04 originals if paid in person, if transferred, just take a photo and send it via email.
  • Token key digitally if required.
  • Print the electronic declaration if it has been declared before.


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