Detailed air purifier import procedures


What does the procedure for importing air purifiers include? What are the special policies for importing air purifiers? Follow the article below to learn details about customs clearance for importing air purifiers!

Air purifier source suggestion

Gợi ý nguồn hàng máy lọc không khí

Air purifiers are indispensable household appliances for every family today. Possessing standard dust filter layers, air purifiers play an important role in helping to filter out dirt in the air. Because each filter layer has different functions, it will help filter out ordinary dirt to viral dust particles. Thereby helping to deodorize, and eliminate agents causing allergies, odors, and antibacterial effects.

As an indispensable household appliance, the demand for buying air purifiers for families is increasing. And along with that, this also becomes a source of highly profitable business goods chosen by many individuals and units. Below, Simba would like to introduce to individuals and business units the source of quality air purifiers at preferential prices:

  • Source name: KONKA Air Purifier;
  • Voltage: 220V-50Hz;
  • Power 35W - absorbs even PM2.5 microparticles harmful to health;
  • Usable area: 41 - 60 m2, filterable 51-150 m2/hour;
  • Timer mode 1 - 12 hours;
  • The machine includes 3 operating modes including Automatic, night, and cleaning modes;
  • Safe noise ≤ 25-28dB, the machine has night operation mode to help the family have a sound, comfortable and relaxing sleep;
  • The machine has the ability to effectively deodorize with a super sensitive odor sensor to smoke odors, pet odors, food odors, and moldy odors,...

Air purifier import procedure

Thủ tục nhập khẩu máy lọc không khí

Legal Policy

Air purifiers are not on the list of goods prohibited from import. Therefore, individuals and units can import this household appliances for regular business. 

HS Code and import tariffs

Based on the import and export tariff 2022, air purifiers with HS Code are 84213920. Where::

  • 8421 - Centrifuges, including centrifugal dryers; machines, and equipment that filter or purify liquids or gases.
  • 842139 - Machines and equipment for the purification or purification of gases of other types
  • 84213920 - Air Purifier

The import tax on air purifiers according to current regulations is as follows:

  • Normal import duty: 5%
  • Preferential import duty: 0%
  • VAT: 10%
  • Import duty under C/O Form E: 0%

The customs dossier for the import of air purifiers is based on Clause 5 Article 1 of Circular No. 39/2018/TT-BTC. Specifically, the set of customs documents for the import of air purifiers includes the following documents and documents:

  • Customs declaration
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial contracts
  • Certificate of origin of the imported shipment
  • Device specifications
  • Other relevant documents as prescribed.

Above are details of procedures for importing air purifiers and suggesting the source of goods. If the trader is interested in the head of air purifiers, immediately contact Simba via Hotline 0379 311 688 for a quote and detailed advice!

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