Vacuum machine import procedures, details enterprises should know


Vacuum machine - An indispensable device in the kitchen of Vietnamese families today. Because the demand of users is increasing, this is also a source of goods that many businesses choose to import for business. So what is the procedure for importing vacuum packaging machines? Let's see the article below to be turned on by Simba!

Information about vacuum machines

Thông tin về máy hút chân không

Vacuum machines are specialized equipment used to remove air, water vapor, or liquids from enclosed spaces. This is to create an environment with a pressure lower than the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere for food preservation. In industry, vacuum packaging machines are large machines, with strong suction force and high productivity. Industrial vacuum machines are suitable for use in medium and large production facilities. Specifically, this device is commonly applied in the field of pharmaceuticals, and electronic components production,...

The main use of household vacuum packaging machines is to separate food from external harmful agents. Thereby creating an ideal environment for safer and more hygienic food storage.

There are 3 popular types of vacuum presses today including mini, industrial vacuum machines, and household vacuum presses.

Revealing the types of Chinese domestic vacuum machines that are popular today

With low prices and diverse designs, Chinese domestic vacuum presses are very popular today. And this is also the source of goods chosen by many businesses and business units. Some of the most popular and best-selling Chinese domestic vacuum press brands in 2022 can be mentioned:

  • AUX Vacuum Press: This is one of the famous household appliance brands in the Chinese market. The advantage of the AUX vacuum press is the ability to maximize air suction, locking in the freshness of food as at the beginning.
  • Huiqishang Vacuum Press Machine: One of the outstanding advantages that make this brand of vacuum press chosen by many traders is its affordable price. And in addition, the usability is not much different from the big machine brands on the market today.
  • FIARRSH 1464 vacuum press: With a mid-range price, the FIARRSH vacuum press brand is still heavily focused on design. Besides, it also emphasizes the user experience so as not to be inferior to more high-end products.

Vacuum machine import procedure

HS Code

Based on the import and export tariff 2022, imported vacuum machines have HS Code 84141000. Where:

  • Chapter 84: Nuclear reactors, boilers, machines, and mechanical equipment; their parts.
  • Code 8414 - Air pumps or vacuum pumps, air compressors or other gases and fans; Air circulation or ventilation hood cover with a fan attached, with or without the filter installed.
  • Code 84141000 - Vacuum pump.

Legal bases

Vacuum presses are not on the list of goods banned from import or conditional import as prescribed in Decree No. 187/2013/ND-CP dated November 20, 11 the Government. Therefore, businesses and traders can import this equipment as ordinary commercial goods.

Import tariffs

  • Normal import duty: 15%
  • Preferential import duty: 10%
  • VAT: 10%
  • ASEAN-China Special Preferential Import Duty (ACFTA): 0%

Import documents

Customs dossiers for the import of vacuum machines include a number of documents and documents such as:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Commercial Contract
  • Bill of lading (Bill of Lading)
  • Certificate of origin
  • Packing List
  • Referral letter
  • Import customs declaration
  • Other papers and documents if any,...

SIMBA provides cheap vacuum machine sourcing and shipping services

Are you in need of importing vacuum machines for business? You choose China - A place that is considered the factory of the world to import goods but still wonder where to choose cheap and quality goods among thousands of suppliers in China? Don't worry, Simba will support businesses in the process of sourcing and transporting vacuum presses to Vietnam.

With many years of experience, a team of skilled and dedicated staff, Simba is committed to being a reputable and reliable bridge between Chinese traders and suppliers. Coming to the service of sourcing and transporting vacuum presses, Simba is committed to:

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Above is all the revealed information about the procedure for importing vacuum machines that we want to share with traders. If businesses and business units are in need of importing this model, do not forget to contact Simba via the Hotline at 0379 311 688 for the advice!

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