Procedure for importing décor watches


The clock now becomes an indispensable décor item for the interior of your home. In this article, SIMBA GROUP will introduce you to the latest décor watch import procedure. Let's find out now!

Product Information

Thông tin sản phẩm đồng hồ decor

  • Material: The main material of décor watches is plastic which is metal. These are the 2 main types of materials because it helps reduce the production cost of the watch. There are a number of special watches made from precious metals to increase the aesthetics as well as a class for the user.
  • Parameters and principle of operation: The principle of operation of the watches is probably no stranger to you anymore. Watches are usually composed of 2 basic parts, the watch face, and the hoog movement. Currently, on the market there are many different types of décor watches. However, buyers will divide watches into 2 main types, battery-powered (electric) and non-battery-powered watches (pendulum clocks).
  • Main uses: In addition to the basic time viewing function, the décor clock is also an interior decoration item for your home. The decoration and selection of décor clocks also partly show the aesthetic taste of the homeowner.

Procedure for importing décor watches

HS code

Because Decor watches are divided into two different types. Therefore, when imported, HS codes are also divided into two types corresponding to two types of watches, specifically as follows:

  • For electrically operated copper: HS code is 91052100
  • For other types of meters that do not operate electrically: HS Code is 91052900

Although divided into 2 different categories, décor watches are still classified in the 9105 group. This is a group of what kind of clocks to see the time in general.

Legal bases

  • Circular No. 12/2018/TT-BCT dated 15/06/2018 of the Minister of Industry and Trade on guiding the Law on Foreign Trade Management and Decree 69/2018/ND-CP guiding the Law on Foreign Trade Management
  • Decision No. 3950/QD-TCHQ dated 30/11/2015 of the General Director of the General Department of Vietnam Customs on the List of export goods with value risks, the List of imported goods with value risks, and the attached reference price
  • Based on the aforementioned legal documents, Decor watches will be imported normally without having to go through any special import process.

Import tariffs

Depending on the HS code, the import tariff of décor watches is also divided into 2 types, specifically as follows:

For décor watches with HS code: 91052100

  • Preferential import duty: 25%
  • VAT (value added tax): 10%
  • Import tax from China with C/O form E: 0%

For décor watches with HS code: 91052900

  • Preferential import duty: 25%
  • VAT (value added tax): 10%
  • Import tax from China with C/O form E: 0%

Import documents

Because décor watches are normal imported items. Therefore, the procedure for importing décor watches includes:

  • Import customs declaration
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading/Air waybill
  • C/O if applicable
  • Other documents (if any)

Import Contact

Above is the detailed information on import procedures for décor watches that SIMBA GROUP wants to send to you. Hopefully, the information from this article will help you in the process of import procedures.

If you still have any questions about import procedures as well as reputable sourcing. Please contact SIMBA GROUP via hotline: 037.931.1688 for detailed advice free of charge.

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