Procedure for importing folding chairs


Folding chairs are an item used by a lot of people because of their convenience. So is the procedure for importing folding chairs complicated? Let's find out with SIMBA GROUP through the article below!

Product Information


The material of folding chairs is diverse, can be wooden or metal. However, steel is used mainly for the manufacture of folding chairs. Most folding chairs today use stainless steel or stainless steel to make frames. The reason is steel is very durable and okay. Besides, the back of the chair often uses coarse fabric or burlap for the lining. This is a very durable fabric and makes the chair look neater.

Parameters and principles of operation

The folding chair has a foldable frame, so the chair is very simple to use. You are just close to opening the chair, placing it in a place with enough area to relax right on the chair. When you finish using it, you can fold the chair and stow it in a corner. Some types of folding chairs can also be adjusted to suit your relaxation needs.

Main uses

Folding chairs are very versatile. They can be turned into a couch for you to relax on, or you can push up the back of the chair, turning them into a backrest for sitting and reading. In addition to the function to relax, some types of folding chairs are also designed very eye-catching to make a décor item for your home interior.

Import procedure

HS code

  • HS code when importing folding chairs is 94017990, belonging to group 9401.
  • Group 9401 is a group of Seat products that may or may not be convertible into beds, and their parts.

Legal bases

  • Circular No. 12/2018/TT-BCT dated 15/06/2018 of the Minister of Industry and Trade on guiding the Law on Foreign Trade Management and Decree 69/2018/ND-CP guiding the Law on Foreign Trade Management.
  • Based on the above circular, folding chairs are items you can import normally and do not need to go through any special import process.

Import tariffs

The specific import tariff of folding chairs is as follows:

  • Preferential import duty: 25%
  • VAT (value added tax): 10%
  • Import tax from China with C/O form E: 0%

Import documents

For folding seats, when importing, you prepare documents including:

  • Import customs declaration
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading/Air waybill
  • C/O if applicable
  • Other documents (if any)

Import Contact

Above is information about the procedure for importing folding chairs that SIMBA wants to send to you. Hope this article will bring useful information to you.

If you are having no difficulty in finding reputable sources of goods for business or having difficulty in preparing import and export procedures. Please contact SIMBA GROUP immediately via hotline: 037.931.1688 for a free consultation.


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