Procedures for importing solar powered floor fans with 12 wind modes


Solar powered floor fan with 12 wind modes is a convenient product that can be used in many different environments and weather conditions. So is the procedure to import this cooling device complicated? Follow the article below to have Simba reveal the details of the procedure for importing a solar-powered floor fan!

Specifications of 12 wind modes solar powered floor fan

Thông số kỹ thuật quạt sàn tích điện năng lượng mặt trời 12 chế độ gió

A solar powered fan is a device capable of generating wind, using the energy of natural sunlight to convert it into electricity and maintain operation. This type of fan is more and more widely used in Vietnam in households, offices, factories… Below, Simba would like to suggest to traders a source of solar powered floor fans - One of the sources of products. Currently on sale:

  • Power: 15W
  • Rotation speed: 1300 rpm
  • Battery capacity: 12000mah
  • Charger: 15V- 1.5A
  • 12 wind levels
  • Charging time: 4h
  • Usage time: 5-12h
  • Solar panels: 9V/12W
  • Solar panel size: 35*35cm
  • Packing size: 43*24*38cm
  • Weight: 3.5kg

Level of search for 12 wind modes solar powered floor fans on the market

Not only having high aesthetics, the solar powered floor fan is also suitable for many different use spaces. Besides, this fan model is quite durable, bringing cool and strong wind. Because it operates without using conventional grid electricity, it will help households save a huge amount of electricity every month. Can be used continuously for 8-10 hours after being fully charged, thereby bringing great experiences to your family members. Because of these outstanding advantages, the demand for solar powered fans of business households is constantly increasing. This promises to be one of the best sellers in the summer that businesses should not miss. 

Procedures for importing solar powered floor fans with 12 wind modes

HS Code

Based on the import and export tax schedule of 2022, the product of the solar-powered floor fan has the HS Code of 84145110. Specifically:

  • 8414 - Air or vacuum pumps, air or other gas compressors and fans; ventilation or recirculation hood with a fan, with or without an additional filter element.
    841451 - Table fans, floor fans, wall fans, window fans, ceiling fans or fans, with an attached electric motor of a capacity not exceeding 125W.
    84145110 - Table and box fans.

Legal grounds

  • Pursuant to Official Letter No. 1316/BCT-TKNL 2018 - Regulations on minimum energy efficiency testing after customs clearance, imported solar powered floor fans need to be tested for quality in terms of energy efficiency. quantity.
  • Solar-powered floor fans need to be recognized for conformity according to QCVN4:2009/KHCN and labeled with energy.
  • Pursuant to Decision No. 3810/QD-BKHCN on announcement of group 2 products and goods under the management responsibility of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Import Tax

  • Normal import tax: 45%
  • Preferential import tax: 30%
  • VAT: 10%
  • Import tax on fans from China with C/O form E: 15%

Import profile

Pursuant to Clause 5, Article 1 of Circular 39/2018/TT-BTC, a set of documents for importing solar powered floor fans include important papers such as:

  • Invoice (Commercial Invoice)
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading (Bill of Lading)
  • Registration for quality control.
  • C/O (if any)
  • Import customs declaration
  • Other documents (if any)

SIMBA provides the service of sourcing and transporting solar powered floor fans with 12 wind modes at low prices

As one of the leading prestigious units in the field of official transport of goods from China to Vietnam, Simba is currently receiving the attention of many businessmen. With many years of experience, a team of highly qualified staff, we are committed to providing businesses with the best quality and cheap solar powered fan sourcing and shipping service today. .
When choosing a sourcing service at Simba, businesses are not only supported in finding quality and cheap sources of goods. Besides, we also provide official freight services to help businesses feel more secure. Fast delivery time, committed to the agreement of the two parties to avoid affecting the business plan. Customer satisfaction is always a joy as well as a motivation to help Simba constantly try and improve day by day.
As the perfect solution for hot summer days, the 12 wind mode solar powered floor fan is the first choice of households and organizations today. If traders are in need of importing this highly profitable source of goods for business, do not forget to contact Simba via Hotline 0379 311 688 for advice!

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