Importing Chinese furniture - Source of goods and ways to save costs


Importing Chinese furniture for business is the first choice of today's businesses because this source not only ensures quality, and diverse designs but also saves a lot of costs. In the article below, Simba will share with readers a reputable source of Chinese furniture, quality assurance, and some "bloody" experiences when importing goods.

The reasons why Chinese furniture is being chosen by many businesses today

Những lý do khiến đồ nội thất Trung Quốc đang được nhiều nhà kinh doanh lựa chọn hiện nay

The demand for housing of the people has increased, leading to a great demand for accompanying products, including furniture. Among the many different furniture sources, the furniture originating from China still proves its appeal to the business. One of the reasons why Chinese furniture is being chosen by many businesses today can be mentioned as:


  • Low cost: What makes Chinese furniture is always considered cheap because it has abundant labor and the leading production technology in the world. Therefore, they can mass-produce furniture products in large quantities. Although it is an imported product, the price is still much cheaper than our domestic product.
  • Diverse models, trendy designs: No matter what style or design a business owner is looking for, China can meet it. Here you can import furniture with quality from high-end to affordable. Besides, the source of Chinese furniture also ensures to meet many styles for customers to choose depending on the needs of each person. Traders can rely on their market or customer file to choose appropriate models.
  • High durability: China's production lines and technology are always ranked among the top in the world. Therefore, traders can be assured of the durability of Chinese domestic furniture.


Recommend the source of quality and cheap Chinese furniture

Despite being the "factory of the world" and in China today, there are many different furniture suppliers. However, not all units provide businesses with a source of quality, cheap, durable furniture, trendy designs, and market trends. Below, Simba would like to reveal to traders the sources of quality and cheap Chinese furniture:

Công ty TNHH TM Yongkang Manxue

  • Company name: 永康市漫雪贸易有限公司
  • Address: 中国浙江金华永康市西溪镇玉川村后山28号 (No. 28, Houshan, Yuchuan Village, Xixi Town, Yongkang City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China).

Yiwu Kuhui E-commerce Co., Ltd

  • Company name: 义乌市酷汇商贸有限公司 
  • Address: 中国浙江金华义乌市佛堂镇小吴溪村12幢2单元2楼201室 (Room 201, 2nd Floor, Unit 2, Building 12 in Xiaowuxi Village, Orient Town, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang, China).

Pujiang County Miqiao Co., Ltd

  • Company name: 浦江县米荞家居用品有限公司
  • Address: 中国 浙江 浦江县 经济开发区前方大道355号 (No.355 Qianqian Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Pujiang District, Zhejiang, China).

Ways to import Chinese furniture for business to save costs

Importing Chinese furniture in Guangzhou

If a business owner wants to "see, see and hear", directly assess the actual quality of Chinese furniture, they should choose to go directly to China to evaluate the goods. The advantage of this way of importing goods is to reduce risks, and to know the actual quality of the product. However, the biggest disadvantage is that it requires a large amount of capital and time to go shopping. Besides, if you do not have much experience, traders will feel that customs clearance procedures at the border gate or the transportation of goods across the border are quite difficult.

When going directly to China to import furniture, traders can choose the Foshan market. Because when it comes to Chinese furniture, it is impossible not to mention Foshan Market. Foshan Furniture Market in Guangzhou is known as the largest furniture market in the world with an area of over 3 million square meters. And also at this market, traders can find all kinds of furniture with diverse and eye-catching designs, from high-end export goods to low-end ones. In addition, if you have time, you can also refer to the furniture market in Shenzhen.

Import Chinese furniture at e-commerce sites

Currently, China has many different e-commerce sites, the most famous are 1688, Taobao and Tmall. The birth and development of e-commerce sites have made the process of importing Chinese goods to Vietnam much easier. Accordingly, at these e-commerce sites, there are thousands of suppliers, and large factories, with a wide variety of products of different quality and prices. Therefore, this is also one of the quick and cost-effective ways to import Chinese furniture that businesses should not miss.

Choosing an intermediary to import Chinese furniture for business

Without much experience, traders are worried about complicated procedures to import Chinese furniture to Vietnam. Among many different suppliers, businesses face many difficulties in choosing a source of quality and cheap goods. The service of transporting goods from China to Vietnam has quickly removed the difficulties and bottlenecks that businesses are facing.

If you do not have too much experience or simply want to save time and costs, choosing an intermediary to import Chinese furniture for business is always considered the ideal choice.

Some experiences when importing Chinese furniture, businesses should not mis

  • The more goods you import, the cheaper the price will be. Therefore, to save costs, traders should import goods in large quantities. However, before deciding to import goods in large quantities, it is necessary to carefully study the information and reputation of the Chinese supplier.
  • Should consider product quality relative to price, the needs of the target audience to choose the right furniture.
  • If a trader chooses to import goods through an e-commerce site, they need to rely on the star symbol, previous buyer's reviews/comments, etc. to see the supplier's reputation level.
  • If a business chooses an intermediary to import furniture, they need to put their trust in reputable, professional units,...

Simba provides the service of sourcing and importing quality and cheap Chinese furniture

Simba cung cấp dịch vụ tìm nguồn, nhập hàng nội thất Trung Quốc chất lượng, giá rẻ

Simba is not only the leading prestigious unit specializing in importing official Chinese goods to Vietnam but also a supplier of quality Chinese domestic goods, ensuring quality and cheap prices. During our formation and development, the service of sourcing - transporting Chinese goods to Vietnam in Simba has been trusted and chosen by many customers, businesses, and traders. So what is the sourcing service - importing Chinese furniture to Vietnam in Simba?

  • Professional staff, fluent in English/Chinese, can negotiate in-depth with Chinese partners/suppliers to bring back the source of goods for traders at the cheapest price.
  • Simba currently owns a list of leading reputable furniture suppliers in China.
  • Official shipping, ensuring goods have a clear origin and fast shipping time.
  • Committed to maximum cargo insurance in case the goods are damaged, or lost,...

Furniture - One of the high-profit, "money-making" business items today that traders should not miss. Hopefully, through the sharing about the source of goods and how to import Chinese furniture for business in the article, it gives readers a lot of useful information. If you are having trouble sourcing and shipping furniture from China to Vietnam, don't forget to contact Simba via Hotline at 0379 311 688 today for advice!

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