Infrared thermometer combined with hand sanitizer spray - Covid health protection


Currently, the Covid 19 pandemic is taking place very complicated. To carry out epidemic prevention activities, infrared thermometers are indispensable items. These thermometers currently have many different models and types, but infrared thermometers combined with hand sanitizer spray are being used by many organizations and companies,.. use because of their convenience.

About the infrared thermometer combined with hand sanitizer spray


Infrared thermometers, commonly known as thermometers, measure human body temperature with infrared rays. The advantage of these machines is that they can accurately measure human body temperature in a very short time and are easy to use.

These thermometers are integrated with an antiseptic hand sanitizer spray system to make it more convenient for users to measure the temperature along with washing hands with antiseptic solutions, ensuring all feeding factors in disease prevention.

The antiseptic spray sensor system works very simply, you just need to put your hand under the eye of the self-setting sensor that will automatically pump the antiseptic solution into your hand.


The design of temperature meters with integrated hand sanitizer spray will be much larger than a conventional portable thermometer. Because these machines are integrated with 2 separate functions.

Most of them will have a rectangular box design so that they can store hand sanitizer. The quality is mainly plastic to increase durability. In addition, the back of the machine is designed with additional holes so that it can be bolted fixed to the wall. Designs are usually designed to be soft, and user-friendly.


Infrared thermometers with hand sanitizer have great applications in the context of the current complicated Covid epidemic.

These machines will mostly be placed in crowded places such as building entrances, supermarkets, and shopping centers ... People passing by can check their temperature immediately and use hand sanitizer in the machine to sanitize their hands, meeting the government's epidemic prevention requirements.

Comparison with conventional thermometers

Compared to conventional portable thermometers. The temperature meter integrated hand sanitizer spray has many advantages in terms of outstanding features.

Most of today's infrared thermometers only have the basic function of measuring temperature, designed like firearms. Their only outstanding feature is that they can follow people easily.

There are machines that integrate a thermometer and hand sanitizer, which will be bigger than the features it brings to users. When using, you can both know your body temperature and conveniently get hand sanitizer

In addition, the thermometers combine these 2 features with voice temperature notifications. This is a special function that no other portable thermometer has. This temperature notification function will help you know if your body is at a normal or abnormal temperature. From there can also alert those around you.

Types of outstanding products available on the market

Currently, infrared thermometers with hand sanitizer spray appear quite a lot on the market with many different designs. In particular, it can be mentioned the temperature meter model integrated with hand sanitizer spray KR-9

It can be said that this is one of the other models with good quality at the moment. The machine integrates many functions such as temperature measurement and voice notification and has the function of measuring the temperature at 2 scales (Celsius and Fahrenheit) ... However, the cost of the machine is a bit high compared to the market. This makes it difficult to reach customers who are households and people with low incomes.

What is special about the thermometer product combined with hand sanitizer spray?

Currently, machines that integrate both temperature measurement and hand sanitizer spray appear quite a lot with similar quality and functions. So below, SIMBA GROUP will introduce to you a type of temperature meter combined with hand sanitizer spray with many outstanding features for your reference:

  • Modem: N06pro 
  • Material: ABS high-quality plastic
  • Working temperature: 5~40 degree Celsius
  • Working humidity: 0~95%RH
  • Working voltage: 6V (4 AA alkaline batteries)
  • Working current: 120ma
  • Waterproof: IPX3 (not usable under direct water)
  • Detecting distance: touch object (manual) 0~10CM
  • Capacity: 850ml
  • The capacity of a solution to discharge: 1ml/drop
  • Installation method: drilling and wall mounting
  • Adhesive working life: 1,500,000 times
  • The machine supports voice broadcasting temperature measurement in 13 languages (13 countries): Chinese (CH) / English (EN) / ITALIAN (IT) / Korean (HR) / Spanish (SP) / Japanese (JP) / German (GE) / Portuguese (PO) / French (FR) / Russian (RU) / Arabic (AR) / India (IN) / Dutch (HO)

The machine that SIMBA introduces has most of the modern features that a temperature meter with integrated hand sanitizer spray needs to have. In addition, the device has some outstanding features such as being able to run on battery power without an external power source. The machine is made from super durable and IPX3 waterproof ABS plastic to increase the service life of the machine.

The machine can hold up to 850ml of antiseptic solution, making the solution replacement time significantly extended. In addition, the adhesive working life of the machine is up to 1,500,000 times. The case is also designed with additional drill holes for convenient and easy wall-mounted bolting.

Above is the information about infrared thermometers combined with hand sanitizer that SIMBA GROUP would like to introduce to you. Hopefully, the article will help you better understand this type of machine. If you are in need of trading temperature meters combined with hand sanitizer spray but do not know how to import? Please contact SIMBA GROUP immediately for a free consultation.

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