Procedures for importing solar gate pillar lights


Not only for lighting but solar gate pillar lights also increase the aesthetic value of living space. Therefore, this is currently a lighting device that many families choose for their homes, exceptionally modern and luxurious villas. If you need to import this lighting equipment for your business, follow the article below so that we can reveal the most detailed import procedures!

Product information about solar gate pillar lights

Thông tin về sản phẩm đèn trụ cổng năng lượng mặt trời

Solar gate pillar lights are new lights with built-in solar panels, completely using solar radiation to convert into electricity with an inexhaustible energy source.

  • Power: 5W
  • Medium size: 400x400x400mm
  • Storage battery: 6,000mAh
  • Solar panels: 6W
  • Brightness mode: Yellow, white, neutral
  • Protection: IP65
  • Lighting time: 12-18h
  • Charging time: 4-6h

Search level of solar gate pillar lights in the market

Gate pillar lights are specialized lights for installation and decoration at locations such as gates, fences around houses, gardens, villas, and resorts... Currently, this type of light is being chosen by many households. select. Because besides the advantages such as cost savings and long life, the installation of this lighting device also brings aesthetics, helping to honor the charming beauty of the house. With the increasing demand of consumers, this item promises to bring businesses a "huge" profit. 

Procedures for importing solar gate pillar lights

Thủ tục nhập khẩu đèn trụ cổng năng lượng mặt trời

When importing any item, one of the important things that businesses and traders need to pay attention to is import procedures. Here is a detailed reveal of the procedure for importing this solar light that Simba wants to share with readers:

HS Code

Based on the import and export tariff, the solar gate post lights have an HS Code of 94054060. Specifically:

  • Code 9405 - Lamps and luminaires including searchlights and searchlights and parts thereof, not elsewhere specified or included; illuminated signs, illuminated nameplates and the like, having a permanently fixed light source, and parts thereof not elsewhere specified or included.
  • Code 940540 - Other lamps and luminaires
  • Code 94054060 - Other exterior lighting.

Legal grounds

Pursuant to Decree No. 187/2013/ND-CP dated November 20, 2013, the Government, solar gate post lights are not on the list of goods banned from export, import, or conditional import. Therefore, businesses and business units can import this lighting device back to normal.

According to Circular 27/2012/TT-BKHCN - Regulating the list of group 2 goods. Accordingly, items that are likely to cause unsafety or items that are not in group 2 but are still warned as unsafe. When importing into Vietnam, it is necessary to undergo state inspection of product quality. Solar gate pillar lights also belong to this group of items, so it is imperative to check the quality when importing into Vietnam.

Import Tax

  • Normal import tax: 30%
  • Preferential import tax: 20%
  • VAT: 10%
  • Special preferential import tax between ASEAN - China (ACFTA): 0%.

Import profile

The complete preparation of import documents not only helps businesses conduct smooth import procedures but also minimizes unnecessary warehousing costs. According to Clause 5, Article 1 of Circular 39/2018/TT-BTC, a set of documents for importing gate post lights includes:

  • Invoice (Commercial Invoice)
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading (Bill of Lading)
  • Registration for quality control.
  • C/O (if any)
  • Import customs declaration
  • Other documents (if any)

SIMBA provides the service of sourcing and shipping cheap solar gate lights

Simba is currently providing sourcing and shipping services for cheap and quality solar gate posts. When choosing a sourcing service, Simba commits to:

  • Free sourcing support according to customer requirements.
  • The staff is knowledgeable about import and export and Chinese/English, is capable of in-depth negotiation with all Suppliers.
  • Simba currently owns a large list of China's leading and verified lighting equipment suppliers.
  • Fast and accurate information.
  • Work diligently and enthusiastically.
  • Absolute confidentiality of information.

With good quality and competitive prices, Simba is committed to providing customers with the ideal source of solar gate post lights. If you are in need of importing this lighting equipment for your business, please quickly contact us via Hotline 0379 311 688 for detailed advice!

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