Life is more and more modern, and human needs are getting higher, along with the need for decoration and design of sophisticated modern housing, space is increasing. Opening a business light dealer is currently one of the promising forms of business for traders. If the business is in need of opening a dealer selling decorative lights, it is necessary to note the following.

Some principles when opening a dealer in decorative lights

Opening a decorative lighting business requires knowledgeable knowledge of decorative lights, which will help you evaluate which products are suitable for the needs of customers in the area you want to do business.

Currently, on the market, there are many diverse and rich lamp models from designs, and colors to sizes. Therefore, you not only need to diversify your sources of goods but also have to trade in high-quality products and create a reputation for long-term business cooperation with customers.

Identify your audience

Opening a decorative lighting dealer needs to clearly define the customer's purpose of decorating a beautiful and aesthetic space rather than caring about using it for lighting. The more unique, strange, and beautiful designs and products will be easier to attract customers. To avoid risks, it is necessary to survey and analyze the customer market in a way that assesses: customer income, frequency, and demand for use... In particular, decorative lights such as crystal chandeliers, copper chandeliers, stone copper chandeliers, and candle chandeliers ... Often quite expensive, and suitable for customers with good financial conditions or higher, so surveying the income level of customers around the area you intend to do business is very important.

Search for business premises

Opening a light dealership requires space to display products and conduct business, which is a direct factor to reach customers to view products at the store.

The premises need to be invested in a beautiful, neat, and aesthetically pleasing design. The criteria for the premises you need to meet are as follows:

  • Premises: Business premises do not need to be too large but must have enough room to arrange decorative light products so that customers can see abundant and diverse goods.
  • Choose densely populated areas, with many projects under construction as ideal locations to attract customers quickly.
  • Decorative lamps are large, heavy, fragile lamps when colliding, so the business premises need to be in a convenient traffic place to easily transport goods.
  • Store design you can retake the style from the distributor of decorative lights. They often leave product display cabinets at dealers. So you will save a decent amount. However, creating your own style for the store space is also not a bad suggestion.
  • Competitors: Be on the lookout for competitors near locations that choose to open a decorative lighting dealership. If the location has other agents nearby, it should be avoided, because those agents have a stable number of customers, and will face many difficulties in attracting customers, sometimes causing unfair competition between agents.

Determination of investment capital

Capital is the most important factor to open a decorative lighting business. To do business, a certain amount of capital is required to rent premises, purchase facilities and import goods, pay employees. Note that when trading decorative lights, the goods will not be able to be collected immediately in the beginning because of the large capital spent on importing goods. Therefore, the person who opens the agency needs to build up reserve capital that can be used when needed.

Business sourcing

Opening a decorative light dealer has the most important step, affecting the whole business investment process, is to find a supplier of quality products. Quality products, ensuring that they can do business effectively, achieve high profits, and attract customers.

If you or your business is in need of opening a decorative lighting dealer, please contact SIMBA for advice on reputable quality goods via hotline: 0379311688

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