LED Decorative Lights - Import Procedure and How to Import from China


In order to honor the beauty of living space, decorative LED lights are becoming the first choice of many families today. So what documents and documents does the procedure for importing decorative LED lights include? Follow the article below to learn details about customs procedures for importing decorative LED lights and how to import LED lights from China to Vietnam!

Information about decorative led lights

Thông tin về đèn led trang trí

Decorative LED lights are lamps with diverse designs with many different sizes and designs. In addition to the lighting function, this type of lamp also helps to increase the aesthetics of the living space.

Along with the increasing needs of users, LED lights now have many different designs and designs such as chandeliers, drop lights, and ceiling lights,... Besides, LED lights used for decoration can be used anywhere in the house. From the living room, and bedroom to the kitchen. Even homeowners can install it in the outdoor garden to bring a shimmering living space.

How to import LED decorative lights from China

With many diverse and rich designs and designs, designs of many types, many materials ... Chinese domestic decorative lamps are the first choice of traders today. Besides, with a cheap price, this promises to be a good source of business goods, bringing businesses "super bargain" profits. So how to import decorative lights from China? Here are some ways to import decorative lights from China traders can refer to:

Go directly to markets in China to import decorative lights

Going directly to markets in China to collect goods is the traditional form of importing goods for many traders. The advantage of this form of import is that you can personally check the quality of the product, and buy the goods at the original price because there is no intermediary. However, you will have to spend a large amount of money for 1 delivery; if you are not proficient in Chinese, you will face many difficulties in the process of negotiating and dealing with suppliers. Especially if you have no previous experience in shipping, the risk that you encounter fraud and fraud is quite high.

E-commerce sites are also the ideal place to enter decorative lights

The development of e-commerce has created favorable conditions for businesses to have access to a rich source of goods in China. Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall, Aliexpress, 1688,... are the largest and most reputable e-commerce sites in China today. You can choose these e-commerce sites to source LED decorative lights for business. Because these websites are professional, with good policies to help you minimize risks in trading transactions. Besides, the source of goods here is also very rich and diverse with thousands of different suppliers.

Selection of intermediate units to save time

If you do not have much experience importing Chinese goods before, choosing a Chinese buying service is considered the most ideal solution. This way of importing goods ensures that goods are transported safely while saving costs and time for traders. Note that you should research the intermediary carefully before "sending trust". Because a unit with a lot of experience and prestige not only gives you a source of quality goods but also saves costs to optimize profits.

Procedure for importing decorative led lights

HS Code and import tariffs

Because decorative LED lights have many different designs and designs. Therefore, depending on each product line, there will be different HS Codes. Currently, LED items with HS Code belong to group 8539 or 9405. Accordingly:

  • For chandeliers, and decorative lights: HS code is 94054099 - Normal import tax 15%, preferential import tax 10%, VAT 10%, import tax when having C/O form E 0%.
  • For light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs: HS code is 85395000 - Normal import duty 5%, preferential import tax 0%, VAT 10%, import tax when C/O form E 0%.
  • For searchlights: HS Code is 94051091 - Normal import duty 7.5%, preferential import tax 5%, VAT 10%, import tax when C/O form E 0%.

Legal bases

LED string lights or ordinary LED lighting are not on the list of goods banned from import or conditional import specified in Decree 187/2013/ND-CP dated November 20, 11 of the Government. Therefore, enterprises can carry out procedures for importing decorative LED lights as ordinary goods.

Besides, the group of chandeliers, decorative lights, and decorative light sets is not subject to specialized management when imported. Therefore, when importing decorative lights, enterprises can go through customs clearance normally.

Import documents

Regarding the procedure for importing decorative lights, you must prepare a full set of documents including:

  • Contract of sale
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing slip
  • Single transport
  • Electronic customs declaration
  • Certificate of origin
  • Energy Efficiency Test Sheet,...

Some notes when carrying out procedures for importing decorative led lights

Some of the product lines that require energy labeling include:

  • LEDs with power must be less than 60W and have a nominal voltage not exceeding 250V.
  • Led bulbs have ballet installed with B22 and E27 lamp heads.
  • LED bulbs are designed with two ends to replace tubular fluorescent bulbs with G5 and G13 heads.

For LED products with code QCVN 19:2019/BKHCN of some of the following lines, when imported, it is necessary to check the state quality to make a certificate of conformity:

  • 85395000 - Light-emitting diode lamps (LEDs);
  • 94051091 - Searchlight;
  • 94052090 - Table lamps, bed lamps or other electric plant lamps.

A dossier of applications for energy labeling for decorative LED lighting products includes documents such as:

  • Energy Sticker Announcement Paper
  • Test results issued by the testing organization
  • Documents proving that the foreign laboratory has fully met the conditions
  • Expected Energy Sticker Template

SIMBA provides cheap sourcing and shipping services for LED decorative lights

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Dubbed the "factory of the world", importing goods from China is the first choice of businesses and traders today. If you are having trouble finding cheap, quality decorative lights among many other sources, Simba will help you do the job. Coming to sourcing and shipping services at Simba, traders not only own quality goods at cheap prices to bring "huge" profits. But Simba also commits to arriving on time and on schedule so as not to affect the business plan of businesses and traders.

Above is some information about the procedure for importing decorative LED lights that we want to share with readers. Hopefully, sharing in the article will bring businesses and businesses a lot of useful information! And in addition, if you are in need of importing this super potential source of goods for business, do not forget to contact Simba via Hotline at 0379 311 688 to receive advice!

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