Where is the quality source of Chinese led lights?


Chinese LED lights are always a commodity that can be traded all year round and bring a lot of profit. So are you curious where the quality of Chinese LED lights? Let's find out with SIMBA GROUP through the article below!

Why trade in Chinese led lights?

Tại sao nên kinh doanh đèn led Trung Quốc?

There are many reasons for you to choose to import Chinese LED lights for business. Not only because of its profits but also because of its quality as well as the variety of functions it uses. Here are some key advantages you can refer to before importing Chinese led lights for business:

Variety of product models

A variety of models has always been a strong point of Chinese products in general, not except for LED products.

Chinese led lights are now commonly used in Vietnam. The reason is also because of the variety of designs and designs and meet the majority of the needs of consumers in Vietnam. You can completely search for led lights according to your needs as well as preferences easily in the market.

Good illuminability

Chinese LED lamps usually have a good illumination level and a wide angle of illumination. However, this point depends on the type of lamp you choose and how you install and design the number of lights. However, with the same area, traditional LEDs will need to use a larger number of bulbs to meet the lighting requirements.

Economical and safe

Typically, LED bulbs will last longer than traditional bulbs. Not only that, but they also emit much less heat than regular light bulbs and consume less energy. This can ensure user safety.

Not only that, but China's current production technology is also very developed, so the standards of safety, as well as energy saving, are pushed up. Decorative or illuminated LED bulbs have a stable, soft, non-binding operation. 

Good price

One point that cannot be ignored for products made in China in general and Chinese LED bulbs, in particular, is that their price is very good. Compared to other types of bulbs available on the market, Chinese bulbs are very competitively priced. Some LED bulbs even cost half as much as similar bulbs made elsewhere.

This is probably the most important reason for people to choose Chinese LED bulbs to import official business.

Popular ways to import Chinese led lights today

Những cách nhập nguồn hàng đèn Led Trung Quốc về kinh doanh

Currently, importing Chinese LED lights for business is not too difficult. Normally, Chinese LED light dealers will use the following ways to import goods for business:

Import at domestic wholesale markets

This is the most commonly used way today because this way of importing goods is quite simple. You just need to go to the major wholesale markets in the country, choose the products according to your requirements, and ship the goods back.

Easy is the strongest point of this way of importing. However, you will not have too many choices of LED lights because the number of lights imported to wholesale markets is limited.

Moreover, the cost of LED lights at the wholesale market is still relatively high because the goods have passed through many intermediaries before being sold at the market.

Import at Chinese markets

This is probably one of the most optimal ways to import Chinese led lights because you can directly access the source and manually choose the type of led light according to your needs. The types of LED lights in the Chinese market are also very diverse and rich.

Moreover, you can also directly negotiate the price with the factory owner to be able to import at the best price and maximize profits.

However, the disadvantage of this method is that you must know Chinese to be able to negotiate with the workshop owner. Otherwise, you need to hire 1 more interpreter to assist you in doing so.

Import goods through Chinese e-commerce sites

This can also be considered a simple way, especially for those who are new to importing. Just go to famous Chinese e-commerce sites like 1688, Taobao, and Alibaba,... is that you can find many different types of Chinese lamp products.

However, this method has a main disadvantage that you do not get to see the product directly. From there, you can hardly judge the quality of the product. In addition, the shipping time to Vietnam is quite long and will be longer if the goods are congested.

There is another way that many people who trade Chinese products in general often use is to cooperate with a 3rd party unit, specializing in providing official import services of Chinese goods. SIMBA GROUP is one such unit. Not only helps you import goods to Vietnam. SIMBA GROUP also enables you to find quality sources in China.

Where is the quality source of Chinese led lights?

Nguồn hàng đèn led Trung Quốc ở đâu chất lượng?

Perhaps those who started the Chinese LED light business or have been in business for a while have the same question about where the quality of Chinese LED lights. Below SIMBA GROUP will suggest some led light sources for your reference!

Zhongshan Sankesong Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Company Name: 中山市三棵松照明科技有限公司
  • Address: 中国广东中山古镇镇曹一新兴大道东109号四楼之1 (4th Floor No. 109, Xinxing Avenue East, Caoyi, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China)

It is a company operating mainly in the field of manufacturing and trading LED household and commercial lighting with the main products including LED ceiling lights, LED ceiling lights, LED street lights, LED lights, etc. The company has applied the leading lighting technology development and production system in China. Advanced automatic solid crystal, light source, welding wire, glue, light and color testing, and separation equipment.

Shenzhen Tiancai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Company Name: 深圳市添彩光电科技有限公司
  • Address: 中国广东深圳宝安区沙井街道万丰社区黎明工业园二栋3楼 (3rd Floor, Building 2, Liming Industrial Park, Wanfeng Community, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China)

It is a manufacturing company specializing in LED spotlights, street lights, lights, auxiliary lights, etc. Intermediate to high-end commercial lighting technical lighting.

Above is the information SIMBA GROUP wants to send to you to answer the question of where the quality of Chinese led lights is. Hope that this article will help you in the business process.

If you are looking for quality sources for business, SIMBA GROUP still has many suggestions for you. Contact SIMBA GROUP now for a free and direct consultation!

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