The procedure for importing drinking knobs for pigs


The drinking knob for pigs has now become an indispensable material that saves effort in the pig industry. So what does the procedure for importing drinking knobs for pigs specifically include? If you are wondering, let's find out with SIMBA GROUP through this article!

Product Information


The main material for the manufacture of drinking knobs for pigs is stainless steel 201. This is a stainless metal material, in accordance with hygiene and safety standards. Ensure the health of pigs when breeding. In addition, the knob has some special small rubber gaskets to prevent water leakage during use.

Parameters and principles of operation

Automatic drinking knobs for pigs come in different types. Each type is suitable for your breeding requirements and suitable for each pig herd of different ages. Below, SIMBA will introduce you to 2 types of automatic drinking knobs for pigs for your reference:

  • Category 1: weight: 72.7g, length: 6.5cm
  • Category 2: weight: 81.1g, length: 6.5cm

Main uses

  • The main use of automatic drinking knobs for pigs is to help the pigs you are raising can drink water more easily. You also do not need to spend effort carrying each bucket of water to each different pigsty.
  • Besides, the use of automatic drinking knobs also reduces the risk of pigs being poisoned by contaminated excess water, leftovers.

The procedure for importing drinking knobs for pigs 

HS code

  • The HS code when you import pig drinking knobs is 84818065, which belongs to group 8481.
  • This is a group of hoses, valves, and similar equipment used for pipelines, boiler bodies, tanks, or the like, including pressure relief valves and thermostat valves.

Legal bases

Pursuant to Official Letter 1677/BTC-TCT dated 29/01/2016 of the Ministry of Finance on VAT on specialized machinery and equipment for agricultural production. Accordingly, this letter supplements the List and specialized equipment for agricultural production exempt from VAT calculation issued in Official Letter No. 12848/BTC-CST dated 15/09/2015.

Besides, you will be able to import drinking knobs for pigs to Vietnam normally and do not need to go through special import processes.

Import tariffs

The import tariff for automatic drinking knobs for pigs you need to pay attention to is as follows:

  • Preferential import duty: 15%
  • VAT (value added tax): 10%
  • Import tax from China with C/O form E: 0%

Import documents

The import documents you need to prepare include:

  • Import customs declaration
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading/Air waybill
  • C/O if applicable
  • Other documents (if any)

Import Contact

Above is information about the procedure for importing drinking knobs for pigs. Hope this article will bring useful information to you.

If you are facing difficulties in carrying out import and export procedures or you want to find quality goods to import officially to Vietnam. Please contact SIMBA GROUP immediately via hotline: 037.931.1688 for a free consultation.

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