Revealing the source and procedures for importing domestic toys in China


With the advantages of diverse designs and low cost, Chinese domestic toys are in great demand every year. For traders, this is seen as a precious gold mine that brings great profits.

Goods originating from China are becoming a popular consumer trend today. Accordingly, they are now present in almost all areas of life. If the items are from the US, Japan, Korea,... Making buyers feel embarrassed when they cannot own it because the price is quite high, items originating from China can make buyers decide immediately. In the article below, Simba will reveal to readers the source and procedures for importing Chinese domestic toys. Don't miss the article below!

Why should you import Chinese domestic toys for business?

Tại sao nên nhập khẩu đồ chơi nội địa Trung về kinh doanh

Hitting the psychology when buying goods of Vietnamese people who "like to buy cheap things", goods originating from China are increasingly becoming the first choice for consumers. So should Chinese domestic toys be imported for business? Here are some reasons you shouldn't miss:

  • Cheap rates: Not only for children's toys but most products made in China are also cheap. This has helped Chinese goods gain a huge competitive advantage in the Vietnamese market.
  • Diverse designs: Chinese domestic toys have many different designs and designs to meet the needs of the majority of consumers.
  • Good quality: Products of Chinese domestic origin are always evaluated as having good quality. When you import officially, there will be a certificate of origin, so the quality of the toy is something you do not have to worry about too much.

What types are Chinese toys divided into?

  • Chinese domestic toys are allowed to be imported: These are toys for entertainment or learning for both children and adults. Accordingly, the material of these toys is all made of plastic or wood, ensuring safety for babies during play. Besides, it does not contain high-damage and dangerous products such as swords, knives, sharp utensils, guns ...
  • Chinese toys are NOT imported: These are unhealthy toys, affecting the fine customs and customs of Vietnamese people. In addition, the toys banned from import are also guns with live ammunition, capable of causing damage ...

Domestic Chinese toys are popular today

Những món đồ chơi nội địa Trung Quốc được ưa chuộng hiện nay

Intellectual toys help children develop thinking

To help children develop fully both intellectually and physically, intellectual toys are considered effective tools. Accordingly, there are toy models such as Happy Cube, smart learning cards, and drawing dominoes ...

Built-in toys help train your baby's perseverance and patience

Smart docking toys bring many great benefits to child development, especially brain development. Lost in the puzzle pieces, children will always try and brainstorm to complete their work in the best way.

Technology toys help children learn, play, and develop cognition at the same time

With the rapid development of information technology, the Internet, and technology toys appear more and more popular. Not only help children have healthy entertainment moments, but technology toys also stimulate children's brain development.

Ways to import domestic Chinese toys

With a favorable geographical location, it is much easier to transport goods from Vietnam to China. So what are the ways to import Chinese domestic toys? Here are some typical ways we want to reveal to readers:

  • Go directly to China to pick up goods: In this way, you can easily check the status and quality of the actual toys. Besides, it is also possible to choose from many different models in accordance with current consumer trends.
  • Buy toys through e-commerce sites: This is a popular way today chosen by many people when there is a need to buy toys in small quantities. Accordingly, some reputable and popular e-commerce sites in China can be mentioned as Tmall, Taobao, Alibaba, and 1688,... However, these e-commerce sites will have a Chinese interface. So if you are not fluent in the language, you will have a lot of difficulties in finding, evaluating quality, paying for, and transporting goods.
  • Choose reputable intermediaries to send trust: To optimize cost, time and own quality and cheap Chinese domestic toys, you can also choose intermediary units to import goods. Accordingly, intermediaries will support you throughout the entire purchase process, from sourcing goods, negotiating with partners, carrying out import procedures to renting transportation.

Revealing the sources of cheap Chinese toys

To help you get more information and suggestions about the source of Chinese domestic toys, here are some sharing about reputable, safe, quality sources with cheap prices that we want to reveal to readers:

  • Yunhe County Mubenben E-Commerce Company
  • Yunhe County Semester Toys Co., Ltd.
  • Pinghu Yisheng Beimei Baby Products Co., Ltd.

Procedures for importing Chinese domestic toys

Import conditions

Pursuant to Article 9 of Circular 28/2014/TT-BVHTTDL issued on 31/12/2014, the conditions for importing domestic toys in China are:

  • Children's toys must be 100% new and unused.
  • Pursuant to the provisions of Circular 18/2009/TT-BKHCN issued on June 26, 6, children's toys must ensure quality in accordance with national technical regulations on toy safety for children.
  • Imported children's toys must be safe and must not adversely affect the health of children.

Note: Before being put on the market, imported toy items must have a certificate of conformity.

Regulations on the quality of imported goods for shipment clearance will be specified in the content of Circular No. 07/2017/TT-BKHCN, issued on June 16, 6.

HS Code

Depending on the type of toy, the type of HS code of imported children's toys is also different. Accordingly, children's toys have HS Code under chapter 95, group number 9530.

Import procedure

The set of customs documents that enterprises need to carry out procedures for importing goods includes:

  • Bill of Lading.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Product packing slip.
  • Contract of sale.
  • Certificate of origin of goods (if any).
  • Catalog. 

Importing cheap Chinese toys at Ink International Plaza Market

International Plaza Ink market is a market specializing in selling dolls, plastic toys, and stationery items,... extremely famous in China. With a full range of items at different price points, the One Link toy market is like a maze of mesmerizing colors. So when importing domestic Chinese toys at the International Plaza ink market, what should be noted? Here are some notes you shouldn't miss:

  • Before buying, it is necessary to pay a price to import toys at the cheapest price;
  • Not only merchants, Chinese domestic toy retail buyers can still import goods normally.

Above are some revelations about the source of domestic Chinese toys that we want to share with readers. Hopefully, the sharing of Chinese domestic toys in the article will bring readers a lot of useful information. And in addition, if you are in need of importing Chinese domestic toys to Vietnam, do not forget to contact Simba via the Hotline 0379 311 688 for the advice!



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