Canton Fair 2023 - The 133rd International Trade Fair


Canton Fair - China's largest international trade fair with a long history and large scale. The fair has attracted the attention of many Vietnamese traders. So when will the 133rd Canton Fair 2023 be held? What should be noted when going to Canton Fair? Follow the article below to learn more about the Canton Fair in 2023!

Overview of Canton fair

Tổng quan về hội chợ Canton Fair

Canton Fair - China's largest international trade fair organized by the Ministry of Commerce of China every year, twice a year in April and October in Guangzhou city. With a history of continuous development without interruption for 66 years from 1957, to October 2023 is the 133rd fair. Canton Fair is proud to be the trade fair with the longest history with the scale:

  • Complex: Has a total construction area of 1,100,000 m2 with an indoor exhibition area of 338,000 m2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 43,600 m2.
  • Zone A: An indoor exhibition area of 130,000 m2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 30,000 m2.
  • Zone B: An indoor exhibition area of 128,000m2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 13,600m2.
  • Zone C: There is an indoor exhibition area of ​​80,000 m2.

Canton Fair is a trade bridge that opens up many business opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. This bridge helps businesses develop production and trade.

The fair has the presence of many world-class manufacturers and suppliers with products and goods with new technology at the most reasonable prices. With a comprehensive scale, multi-industry, and multi-field, the fair includes a full range of products, goods, machinery, equipment, supplies, and raw materials... Thereby bringing many commercial opportunities. for Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Canton Fair 2023 organization time

Phase 1: 15 – 19/04/2023  and 15 – 19/10/2023

  • Machines and equipment large and small, multi-industry
  • Construction machinery, building & decoration materials, bathroom & sanitary equipment, lighting equipment
  • Electrical and electronic machinery products, household electrical and electronic appliances, electrical appliances
  • Bicycles, electric bicycles, motorcycles, outdoor special-purpose vehicles and spare parts, all kinds
  • Computers, communication products and technology
  • Chemical products and applications,…

Phase 2: 23 – 27/04/2023 và 23 – 27/10/2023

  • Interior and exterior products such as tables and chairs, handicrafts to decorate houses, restaurants, hotels, wooden offices, glass and rattan, ceramics, stone,...
  • Garden products
  • Equipment, kitchen utensils, dining table decoration
  • Festival decoration products, gifts, souvenirs, party decoration products
  • Children's gifts and toys
  • Consumer goods of all kinds, personal products
  • Watches, glasses,..

Phase 3: 01/05 – 04/05/2023 và 31/10 – 04/11/2023

  • Textile industry: Ready-made products, fashion clothing, sportswear, raw materials and yarns for the textile industry
  • Products of leather, fur, fluff and other related products
  • Carpets
  • Products for sports, tourism and entertainment
  • Shoes, bags, leather goods of all kinds
  • Stationery
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry: Medical instruments, disposable products, bandages, health care drugs,...
  • Food and Beverages of all kinds
  • Nutritional food and natural products,..

Procedures to participate in the 133rd Canton Fair

When participating in the Canton Fair, traders need to prepare the following basic procedures:

  • Original passport: Valid for 6 months or more and at least two blank pages. If it is a new passport, additional passport photo is required.
  • Copy of household registration: For people who have never been abroad.
  • 2 white background photos: Size 48mm*33mm.
  • Declaration: Complete the information on the online declaration form at, then print it out and sign it.
  • Appointment form: Book an appointment online at the website (here) and then print it out.
  • For non-Vietnamese visa applicants: Prepare originals and photocopies of documents proving legal residency or residence in Vietnam.
  • For those who used to have Chinese nationality and then switched to another: An old Chinese passport or original Chinese visa is required.

In addition, procedures to participate in Canton Fair also include:

  • Invitation letter issued by the Chinese unit;
  • Decision to send on a business trip: Include full information on time, location, and schedule (in case you are the legal representative of the company Vietnam, you do not need this paper);
  • Business Registration License of Vietnam Company and Business Registration Certificate of Company China.

Experience participating in Canton Fair 2023

Kinh nghiệm đi hội chợ Canton Fair 2023

As a major trade event, the Canton Fair has the presence of thousands of businesses with a wide variety of products. For business people, this is a valuable opportunity to make trade deals. The experiences revealed below will help businesses have a more convenient and smooth trip to Canton Fair 2023:

  • During the time participating in Canton Fair, traders need to stay in Guangzhou. Therefore, it is advisable to book a hotel room in advance and calculate the means of transportation in China to optimize the cost.
  • When participating in the fair, should visit the company's business card that you are interested in so that you can easily contact them in the future.
  • At each stage of organization, the items displayed at the fair will be different. Therefore, the trader should choose the appropriate travel for the industry they are interested in.
  • Communication in Canton Fair Guangzhou is mainly in English or Chinese. If you are not fluent in foreign languages, to make it easier for you to exchange and buy goods, businesses can hire an interpreter.
  • For first-time traders participating in the fair, they will certainly face many difficulties when completing procedures, preparing means of transportation, hotels to rest, etc. However, nowadays there are many Many units support visitors to Canton Fair. Traders can choose these units to have the most favorable trip.


As a Trade Promotion unit with many years of experience in participating in the Canton Fair, Simba has many advantages to help traders successfully participate in the fair::

  • Free Consulting:
    Abundant and professional human resources, supporting interpretation - direct negotiation at the fair;
    Support booking car/train/air tickets and hotel rooms during the fair;
    Support for Visa and card to participate in the 133rd Canton Fair at the best cost.

Above is detailed information about Canton Fair 2023. If traders are in need of participating in the fair, register here for the fastest support!

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